Forcenexus applications utilize Keycloak for identity access and user management (IDAM). The following steps will walk you through creating a Keycloak account:

Register using your .mil, .gov, or contractor email!
  1. Visit in your browser
  2. Click on the "agree" button to acknowledge you have read and accept to be bound by the terms of accessing the services
  3. Click the Rocketchat tile.
  4. Click on the "SSO LOGIN" button.
  5. Scroll past the "username & password" fields and click on the "Register" button. (Note: You have 30 minutes to verify your email upon registration.)
  6. Use a .mil email address, or your corporate email as appropriate. Do not use a personal email, such as Gmail or Hotmail. You are not restricted to a specific format for usernames, but keep in mind that everyone in the command will be able to see what you have entered, so kindly remain professional. (Note: There is an email whitelist enforced at the application level. If a contractor gets permission denied at the app, their government sponsor needs to coordinate with the Service Desk via #help in Rocketchat to have them whitelisted.)
  7. Once registered go back to and use the services by choosing "Login with Keycloak" or "OpenID", respectively, for each of them.
  8. Users may use the following link to change passwords, enable two-factor authentication, remote logout of services, and other account-related tasks:

Below is additional information about each of the services offered, as of 01 October 2018:
Connected Services:
  • Rocketchat - Chat, Video Tele-Conferencing, and Desktop Sharing
  • JIRA - Project Management
  • Confluence - Knowledge Management
  • Gitlab - Continuous Integration / Continuous Development (CICD)
  • SonarQube - Code Security and Code Quality Analyzer for CICD
  • First-Light hosted apps (Invictus Minimum Viable Product) - Pivotal Cloud Foundry
  • CloudTamer - Cloud Service Provider Account Management
  • Splunk - Logging made amazing
  • Nexus - Secure Docker Image Repository/3rd Party Code Repo